CHRISTOPHER SCOTT, 8, son of Kenya Roberson and Clayton Scott, both of Millen. Grandparents are Willie and Linda Kay Lockhart of Millen, Alvin Clark of St. Petersburgh, Fla., and Lunvenia Sopher of Augusta. 022p61_xlg.jpg
JOHN MIMS, 9, and ALANA MIMS, 5, children of Benny and Joely Mims of Millen. Grandparents are Richard and Gale Johnson of Millen, George and Wilma Houghton of Belvedere, S.C. and the late John Mims of Millen. 022p62_xlg.jpg
EMMA ADAMS, 8, and DOUGIE ADAMS, 5, children of Steven and Cheryl Adams of Millen. 022p63_xlg.jpg
BROOKE AARON, 6, and MACEY AARON, 2, daughters of Wesley and Jessica Aaron of Millen. Grandparents are Dean and Debra Brinson, Jay Aaron and Sandra Oglesby, all of Millen. 022p64_xlg.jpg
Brittney Adams, 13, Breanna Adams, 13, daughters of Sherri and Jeff Adams of Millen. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Adams and the late Mr. and Mrs. Ted Burke, all of Millen. Great-grandparents are Minnie Bell Sherrod, Vancey Adams, the late Glenn Adams and the late Cecil Sherrod, all of Millen. 022p65_xlg.jpg
MATTIE CAROLYN RICH, 2, daughter of Tim and Lisa Rich of Atlanta. Grandparents are Betty B. Johnson of Millen and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rich of Milledgeville. 022p66_lg.jpg
TYLER TAYLOR, 10, son of Tony and Cindy Taylor of Millen. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Billy Alligood, Ollie Bell Bassett and Idell Taylor, all of Millen. 022p67_lg.jpg
WILLIAM CASE HARRIS, 1, son of Stephen and Misty Harris of Millen. Grandparents are Donald and Gail Nesmith and Roy and Lucille Harris, all of Millen. 022p68_xlg.jpg
CALEB ZACHARY JONES, 9, son of Roy and Janet Jones of Millen. Grandparents are Leroy and Mercidene Jones, Pearl Weathersby and the late Bernard Dailey, all of Millen. 022p69_xlg.jpg
BENJAMIN JARAD MCNORRILL, 11, son of Tim and Lisa Rich of Atlanta and Ben and Sheila McNorrill of Fitzgerald. Grandparents are Betty B. Johnson of Millen and Melba McNorrill of Harlem. 022p70_xlg.jpg
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